About Us & Our Mission

KiittenSMP Servers is a game development company that is dedicated to creating innovative and engaging single and multiplayer games. We are committed to providing our players with a fun and rewarding experience, and we are always looking for new ways to improve our games.

We currently have several games in development, which we hope to announce in the near future. We are committed to transparency and communication with our community, and we will keep you updated on our progress as we move forward.

Our Vision for KiittenSMP Servers

Our vision is to be a well-recognized and trusted game development team. We want to create games that are loved by players all over the world, and we want to be known for our innovative gameplay, our commitment to quality, and our dedication to our community.

We believe that by creating games that are fun, engaging, and well-made, we can build a strong reputation as a game development team that players can trust. We are committed to listening to our community and using their feedback to improve our games. We also believe in being transparent and communicating with our community throughout the development process.

We are excited to continue working on our games and to share them with the world in the near future.

Our Values

Our values are the foundation of everything we do at KiittenSMP Servers. We believe in: