24/7 Minecraft Server Hosting Based in Australia


Why Should you choose us

There are as many reasons to choose us as there are for good server hosts like Shockbyte and Apex Hosting, but they only have location support for Sydney while we currently only have Location support for Perth but plan to expand across Australia. 

What do we Offer

We offer Game Servers at an affordable price. We will be offering more Games soon as we are in the developement of more server types such as CS:GO and FiveM

Perth Location Support

We may be Mistaken but No Server Host has This and if you are in WA you will enjoy this perk we know we do.

99% uptime

Now we cant have the number 100 because something has to go wrong.

Full FTP Access

You'll have full access to customize your server as you please.

Task Scheduling

All Servers under us have automatic server restarts to keep your game server fresh we have it covered for you

Multicraft Control Panel

A server control panel that allows users to manage multiple servers using a single web based user interface.

Free Subdomain

Want to make your server Public and give it a name? Use your free Subdomain to hide your server IP.

Free MySQL Databases

Compatable with MySQL Databases so you will be able to run SQL Queries for FiveM and More.

Unlimited Player Slots

No Limits on who can join you just watch out for the RAM  usage.

Automatic Backups

Every hour your servers are Backed-Up so you wont have to worry about stuff like server outages Corrupting your Server.

And More

We Have many More Features that you will find in your time letting us host your server